For customers who do not receive an email after placing an order

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There are rare people who do not receive the email automatically sent after ordering after changing to the new site.

It seems to occur mainly with the following addresses:,,, hotmail, icloud,
It seems to be an adverse effect of improving the mail filter function, and it is a phenomenon that is happening nationwide.

We have received reports that it was in the spam folder, so please check the spam folder and promotion folder once.

In addition, we recommend registering with Gmail, which is less likely to be undelivered.

The following are possible causes.

- Moved to spam or promotions folders.
- Due to security, etc., it is set to be judged as spam and cannot be received.
- You have configured to reject e-mail reception (e.g., specified domain reception).

There is no problem with the order system, so the order itself has arrived here.
It is a phenomenon that the mail delivered automatically from our shop does not reach.

* If you order with Gmail, you will receive an email without any problems!

If you do not receive the e-mail that is sent automatically after placing your order, please call Morpho Records during business hours or contact us using a PC e-mail address that can receive orders.

The mail magazine is sent using another software, so there are many cases where you can receive it.

thank you.

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