Awesome 7” Portable Case [GOODS]

  • ¥8,800
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Country : Japan
Label : Wonderful Noise
Year : 2024
Note : Color: Black
Note : Fabric: DIA Jacquard CORDURA Nylon©

The first full model change in 15 years! A new 7-inch case model has been released!
For now, it will be limited to 99 pieces.
A portable case the size of a 7-inch record.

The exterior nylon material is made of Diamond Jacquard Cordura nylon, which is strong, durable, water-repellent, and lightweight.
It has protective pads on both sides and a clear file interior, and can store 10 to 20 7-inch records (up to two records in sleeves can fit in one clear file).
This is the perfect case for DJs who mainly play LPs and 12-inch records but also want to carry a few 7-inch records.
The side also has a nylon tape handle, making it easy to carry. It's also perfect for storing your important records.
*The 7-inch record in the image is not included.