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If you want to buy from Denmark, please contact us in advance and we will respond.

The price of DHL shipping has increased from January 2022.

Please make sure that the address registered in your Paypal is correct before you pay.
Due to Paypal's guarantee, I will only ship to the address registered in Paypal.
This is prerequisite, also in the paypal terms, for safety!

Due to the coronavirus, we are unable to ship to some countries, so please ask before you buy.
DHL shipping may be subject to an additional charge for remote delivery, depending on the location. (roughly plus 3,000 yen)
If you ask me questions before you buy based on these things, I will answer them.

Please make sure that your paypal adress is correct!
adress set, this is prerequisite, also in the paypal terms, for safety!

A phone number is required for shipping.
Some countries require a CNPJ/CPF Tax ID.
South Korea requite a PCCC.

Some countries don't have set shipping rates, so please ask via contact or Instagram.

➤➤➤➤The shipping cost is here.

REGISTERED AIR (with tracking number, about 2weeks~3weeks)

Asia 1600 / 1900 / 2200 / 2500 / 2800 jpy
New Zealand 1900 / 2300 / 2600 / 3000 / 3500 jpy
America (Trinidad and Tobago,Guam) & South America 2500 / 2900 / 3300 / 4000 / 5000 jpy
Mexico 1900 / 2300 / 2700 / 3100 / 3500 jpy 
Europe (Except some few countries) 1900 / 2300 / 2700 / 3100 / 3500 jpy 

*North America,Canada,Italy,Australia,Greece,Italty
(Registered airmail is not accepted to these countries.)

DHL (with tracking number, about 3-8 days) 

North America 3,100jpy (up to 5records)
South America 5,800jpy (up to 5records)
Europe (Except some few countries) 3,100jpy (up to 5records)
East Europe 4,500jpy (up to 5records)
Oceania 6,000jpy (up to 5records) (**A1)
Asia 2,500jpy (up to 5records)
Southeast Asia 3,100jpy (up to 5records)
Africa & Middle East 5,000jpy (up to 5records)

*5 records and packaging weighs roughly 1.8kg.
Orders of 6 or more records will be 2kg or more, please contact us for shipping costs.

Some countries don't have set shipping rates, so please ask via contact or Instagram.

(**A1) New Zealand and Australia are often designated as remote areas by DHL, so we set the shipping cost including the remote area fee in advance.
The difference, if any, will be refunded. 

There is a remote delivery fee for delivery to some areas.
This is an additional 3,000 yen charge.

DHL Remote Area (You can check it out here.)

Please note that any sealed records are sold as-is. Any factory defects or issues with the vinyl are NOT the seller's responsibility. Once the item has been opened it is no longer in the same condition sold.

Please note that in the rare case of a return that return shipping is always at the buyer's expense and is not the seller's responsibility. This is not only my policy but also paypal's.